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Wine from the vineyards of the beautiful Dark estate.

Wine from the vineyards of the beautiful Dark estate.

AFTER OUR HIT first feature, Judas Kiss, we began to explore our next project, and realized we had it right in front of us — a story we could bring the marketplace that was as fresh and as exciting as Judas Kiss. We didn’t want to merely repeat what we did before. There’s no fun in that. No sense of adventure.

The Dark Place takes us into new territory — mystery and suspense — in a thrill ride of a film that includes betrayal, hope, greed and love. Oh, and mommy issues.

The screenplay is by new Blue Seraph Productions partner Jody Wheeler, an established Los Angeles writer-producer of acclaimed film festival shorts Tell Me and In the Closet, as well as co-producer of Judas Kiss. The script won UCLA’s Carl David Memorial Screenwriting Award in 2007.

The Dark Place is a thrill ride, with handsome men and mysterious circumstances that unfolds step by perilous step. And our hero, Keegan Dark, is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes — just add gay. The story digs deep into what love and family means to us all. If there’s a bit of blood and carnage along the way, so be it!

— J.T. Tepnapa, Carlos Pedraza & Jody Wheeler

ABOUT THE FILMMAKERS We’re filmmakers proud to have collaborated with so many dedicated artists and craftspeople to bring this story to the screen. Along the way, many fans of our previous work and of quality cinema joined us as cast, crew, investors and donors.


Produced by
Carlos Pedraza, J.T. Tepnapa, and Jody Wheeler of Blue Seraph Productions

Directed by
Jody Wheeler

Jody Wheeler


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