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Kickstarter Campaign Hits 25% Mark

Posted by Carlos Pedraza
Kickstarter Campaign Hits 25% Mark

GETTING THERE Our “Two Movies/One Year” Kickstarter campaign for The Dark Place and Something Like Summer, hit the 25-percent mark today after crossing the $6,000 line.

We’re really thrilled that 61 backers have stepped up early in our month-long campaign for a new Red digital camera that will bring these two-movies-in-one-year to vibrant life.

One-quarter of the journey still mean there’s three-fourths to go, and Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing proposition. We have to meet our $25,000 goal or we get nothing. So, please, be that 62nd, 63rd or 64th person (and beyond!) who joins us in these projects.

We’re offering lots of cool rewards to make backing our project more than worth your while (and adding some more along the way as we scour the Blue Seraph Productions storage unit for cool stuff!), including DVDs of the finished movies, digital downloads of the films, posters, on-set visits, walk-on roles, even the chance to name one of the characters! How cool is that?


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