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Kickstarter Video Update: Meet Writer Jody Wheeler

Posted by Carlos Pedraza
Kickstarter Video Update: Meet Writer Jody Wheeler

There is no movie without a script. And there is no script without a story. Jody Wheeler is the talented screenwriter of The Dark Place. He is also our creative partner in Blue Seraph Productions.

He has spent almost ten years working on this screenplay, perfecting it, extending it, cutting it, and finally finding the right people to fall in love with his story.

We should all thank Jody. Without his script, there would be no movie for me to direct, or for actors to act in. Dave would have no movie to shoot. Carlos would not have a budget to create and dissect. And of course, we wouldn’t have a Kickstarter campaign for you to support. We give Jody a hard time. But that’s because we love him.

Then again, there is Something Like Summer coming up, too! Jody, you are so lucky we like as much as we do!

Enjoy our video,

— J.T.

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