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New Kickstarter Rewards Added

Posted by Carlos Pedraza
New Kickstarter Rewards Added
AMONG THE NEW Kickstarter rewards are unique Judas Kiss artifacts, like posters and these autographed postcards, and the chance to name two of the characters in The Dark Place.

THINGS ARE BUSY in the Blue Seraph Productions archives, as we’re locating artifacts we can use to enhance the rewards we can offer our Kickstarter backers.

Since we launched our $25,000 “Two Movies in One Year” Kickstarter campaign last Friday, we have added four more unique rewards:

  • PLEDGE $6 — TANGIBLE THANKS For only a dollar more than our entry reward level, we’ll mail you (anywhere in the world!) an official Judas Kiss postcard, signed by one or both of the film’s creators, director J.T. Tepnapa and writer Carlos Pedraza. Backers at all levels from here on up get this tangible “thank you,” too, for backing our new films.
  • PLEDGE $55 — BLAST FROM THE PAST For only $5 more than our most popular reward level ($50), here’s your very last chance to get an exclusive autographed poster from our first film, Judas Kiss! Signed by actors Richard Harmon, Sean Paul Lockhart, Timo Descamps, Julia Morizawa, Samantha Rund, Tim Foutch, writer Carlos Pedraza and director J.T. Tepnapa, signed at Judas Kiss’ world premiere on April 1, 2010. These are the very last of these autographed posters. This reward level also includes items from the lower reward levels, too. As of today, only 16 of these posters remain.
  • PLEDGE $350ONE OF A KIND! Judas Kiss star Richard Harmon (about to star in A&E’s new series Bates Motel) went a little wacky after autographing dozens of posters. We saved this ONE POSTER with Richard’s graffiti and snarky comments for a special occasion. And this is it! FRAMED POSTER, in addition to the rewards from the $250 reward level. Sorry, this single poster has already been snapped up 🙁
  • PLEDGE $2,500 — REMEMBER MY NAME! Want to live forever? Can’t make it to the set? This is for you! Name a character! Yes! We have two characters available in The Dark Place for you to put your name on (or one of your choice)! Sure, we reserve the right to refuse a joke or unsuitable name — “Warbile Laughtmugler” comes to mind — but we’ll work with you to get something great of your choice on the screen! Plus, you’ll also receive all the perks from “I’m Ready For My Close Up” (except for the walk-on) so you can see your name on the Big Screen!


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