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Sneak Peek Digital Premiere for Kickstarter Backers

Posted by Carlos Pedraza
Sneak Peek Digital Premiere for Kickstarter Backers

KICKSTARTER BACKERS get the first sneak peek at The Dark Place in a special online presentation this Friday, June 13.

“We wanted to reward the people who’ve been with us from the start,” said director Jody Wheeler.

Prior to the presentation, eligible Kickstarter backers (those who backed the film at least $25) will be emailed a URL and password for streaming the film for a limited time on Friday night.


YOU CAN WATCH the film on your computer or mobile devices. If you have a Mac and Apple TV, or the Chrome browser and Chromecast, you can watch The Dark Place on your big-screen television.

YOUR REVIEWS We’d love to hear what you think of the film! You can rate the film on IMDb or submit comments to us using a link on the page where you will view the movie.

Please note that this is a streaming version of The Dark Place, so you’ll have watch it live during the window. If you miss it, don’t worry. We will post future festival screenings here, so you can find out when the film is playing near you.

Also, this special presentation does not count as the Digital Download Reward we offered during our Kickstarter campaign. That’s still to come, when the film heads to a public digital release on iTunes and other online video sites.

“As our supporters, we want you to have the first chance to see what you helped make possible,” Wheeler added. “Invite friends or family over Friday night, make some popcorn and watch the movie.”



  2. Will this be on DVD?

    • Jase, we expect The Dark Place will be released on DVD, as well as digitally via iTunes, Amazon and others, but our various distributors will determine when that will happen.

  3. I feel quite privileged to be able to watch The Dark Place this early. Thank you.

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