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Viewers’ Reactions

Posted by Carlos Pedraza
Viewers’ Reactions

THE FIRST viewers of The Dark Place last Friday night weighed in with their reactions.

We invited backers of our Kickstarter campaign to a special, one-night-only online screening of the film, and asked them to let us know what they thought.

Here’s a sample of what they said:

reviews“Couldn’t stop watching it. Love it a lot!”

“It’s captivating, intriguing and unpredictable.”

“I really liked the movie. The cinematography is awesome and the story was holding up and giving new twists until the very end.”

“You are the first of several crowd fundings I backed, that stand by their word and deliver the rewards, and even more like this extra screening. Thank you!”

“A few unexpected plot twists. Refreshing to watch a ‘regular’ story with a gay storyline where being gay isn’t an issue.”

“The actors delivered fine performances.”

“The flashbacks were cool in general but particularly slick when Keegan described past events while they played around him.”

“It’s a mystery with a twist in that the main character has such a different perception of the world that even the people closest to him aren’t certain they can trust his conclusions — or his feelings.”

“I really enjoyed The Dark Place, and am very pleased to have been a part of funding it through Kickstarter.  The story was excellent, the acting superb, the cinematography was first-rate, and the directing and production values were all very high.  The quality of this film is precisely what I was hoping it would be.”

“Loved that it is a psycho mystery revolving around gay characters, rather than a gay movie. Very enjoyable.”

“Well done! Great acting, directing, liked the story line. There were a lot of interesting details surrounding Keegan’s memories. I liked how you showed what going on in his head. There were some surprising twists that I didn’t see coming and some funny moments.”

“This [is a] great little movie that’s kind of a mystery/thriller with a really interesting script and very likable actors. I didn’t think of it as a gay movie. It’s funny … I guess all the guys were gay [but] I didn’t think of it as a gay movie. Just a good thriller — with a good many dead bodies at the end.”

“Absolutely loved it! Mysterious and engaging!”

“Perfectly executed!!!”

“… Keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire film.”

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  1. Hi we are producing OUTwatch a new (3 yr. old) LGBTQI Film Festival 1 1/2 hr north of San Francisco. How do we get a screener to consider it.

  2. Thanks for getting in touch. I’ll contact you via email to follow up.

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