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“Mysterious, suspenseful and darkly humorous” — Pop Culture Beast

Posted by Carlos Pedraza
“Mysterious, suspenseful and darkly humorous” — Pop Culture Beast

POP CULTURE BEAST reviewer Adam Ruhl raved about The Dark Place after its “smash screening” at Austin’s Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival (aGLIFF) on Friday, September 12.

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The Dark Place is a great blend of mystery elements and Scream-like twists,” Ruhl wrote on the pop culture blog:

There are many layers to the plot’s riddle. … The Darks and their estate are a pretty convincing wealthy family; the snappy banter between Keegan and his mother remind me a little of Ryan Phillippe in Cruel Intentions. Timo Descamps’ Wil balances out their entitled madness with heavy doses of charm. … Sean Lockhart is absolutely menacing as Jake, playing him with a sadistic intelligence.”

Ruhl observed it was easy to see why the film held “a place of honor” at the festival, and that he found it “intriguing and sexy.”

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