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‘Fantastic Actors, Clever Story & a Superpower’ – Horror Society

Posted by Carlos Pedraza
‘Fantastic Actors, Clever Story & a Superpower’ – Horror Society

EVEN THOUGH he may not have been the film’s target demographic, Horror Society reviewer Mike Mgdsquan found himself drawn in by its “deep, ever-evolving mystery,” adding that with The Dark Place‘s “fantastic actors, great sets, a clever and sassy script, and an awesome never-before-seen super-power … you can’t go wrong here.”

While he admits the movie isn’t strictly the kind of genre material his website normally covers, Mgdsquan found Keegan Dark’s “superpower” — a mental condition called hyperthymesia — combined with the dramatic elements (especially the performance of Portland actress Shannon Day as Keegan’s mother, Celeste) to make for an intriguing film.

“I like how visual effects supervisor Joel Bellucci created this ability, because it looked more like a super-power or paranormal ability than just an internal memory recorder,” he wrote. “And the movie looks pretty, too. It has a high production quality … nice angles, great lighting, decent special effects, fun scoring. But, what I really liked is that everything seemed high class to me. Nice clothes, nice cars, a beautiful mansion with the quaintest grape orchard outside. You can tell this movie had a budget.”

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Mgdsquan especially notes how the engaging story made him see past the gay element. “At times I completely forgot that that was one of the film’s angles,” he wrote. “Judging this film for what it is I’m going to give it a 9 out of 10. It accomplishes what it set out to do in a big way.”

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