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Auditions for ‘The Dark Place’

In this “Weekend Update” on our Kickstarter site, The Dark Place director J.T. Tepnapa and writer Jody Wheeler prepare for auditions in Los Angeles for two major roles in the film. See what the physical setup for movie auditions looks like and get a look at J.T.’s “offbeat” sense of humor.


Keep Up With the Kickstarter Campaign

We’ve set up a Campaign Dashboard for you to keep up at a glance with the progress of our $25,000 Kickstarter campaign for a new camera to shoot The Dark Place. You can use the Dashboard to: See the Countdown Clock to the end of the Kickstarter campaign. Track our progress toward meeting our funding goal. […]


Be Part of ‘The Dark Place’ with Kickstarter

After Kickstarter backing our successful first feature, Judas Kiss, we’re taking a big leap – making TWO films in 2013. Join us! Two and a half years ago, Kickstarter backers helped us make our first feature film, Judas Kiss, which went on to win many awards — and now it’s available all over the world! That critically […]


‘The Dark Place’ Sets Shooting Dates

Cinematographer Dave Berry, director J.T. Tepnapa and writer-producer Jody Wheeler inspect one of the locations for ‘The Dark Place’ near Hillsboro, Ore. PORTLAND, Ore. — The Dark Place goes before the camera this spring near Portland, shooting in rural wine-growing locations and in the town of Hillsboro, announced Blue Seraph Productions. The small-budget independent feature, […]