Be a Hero!

WE NEED A HERO! Only a few days left to meet our goal, or we lose it all! WATCH THE VIDEO » Director J.T. Tepnapa and his backup dancers make a special musical appeal for your support. PLEASE SHARE far and wide – and check out all the rewards for backing us! Back us on […]


Video: Meet Production Manager Tellier Killaby

IN THIS UPDATE on our Kickstarter page, Tellier Killaby tells director J.T. Tepnapa what her job as Blue Seraph Productions’ unit production manager entails (“I say no a lot”). And J.T.’s diabolical LOLcat, Bailey, makes another camera-hogging appearance. See the whole thing on our Kickstarter Updates page! Related Article The Creative Team


$14,000 Happy Dance (Less Talking! More Dancing!)

J.T. versus the Mighty L.A. River! THREE VIDEOS in one day! All that Happy Dance™ing must be tuckering out poor li’l J.T. Or at least his voice. Hence this latest quiet but energetic dance and, umm, stuff… THANK YOU! And keep pledging. $11,000 more to go! WATCH THE VIDEO »


We Reach $13,000, Starfleet Style!

STAR TREK FANS who know about our work on the web series Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, will be delighted to see who is doing the Happy Dance™ to celebrate passing our $13,ooo mark on Kickstarter — Starfleet Style! WATCH THE VIDEO »


‘Private Dancer’ to Celebrate Getting Halfway to Kickstarter Goal

PRIVATE DANCER J.T. is dividing his time between shot-listingThe Dark Place with cinematographer David Berry and shooting more Happy Dances™! So, in celebrating passing our 50% mark ($12,500!!), I have the honor of posting this special performance by J.T. Those of you who loved him in his short film, Drag Queen Heist, will welcome his take on “Private […]


The Backlot Spotlights ‘Dark Place’ Casting News

THE BACKLOT on spotlights our The Dark Place casting news. With cool pics, and a link to our Kickstarter campaign! Check out the article »