Kickstarter Campaign Hits 25% Mark

GETTING THERE Our “Two Movies/One Year” Kickstarter campaign for The Dark Place and Something Like Summer, hit the 25-percent mark today after crossing the $6,000 line. We’re really thrilled that 61 backers have stepped up early in our month-long campaign for a new Red digital camera that will bring these two-movies-in-one-year to vibrant life. One-quarter of the journey […]



WE’RE GETTING READY to announce whom we’ve cast as the lead in The Dark Place, and it’s pretty exciting. We’ll be announcing the exciting young actor who will play Keegan Dark, the film’s gifted but troubled protagonist, in an exclusive first notice to our Kickstarter backers. After those supporters find out — and it’s not too […]


Kickstarter Video Update: Meet Writer Jody Wheeler

There is no movie without a script. And there is no script without a story. Jody Wheeler is the talented screenwriter of The Dark Place. He is also our creative partner in Blue Seraph Productions. He has spent almost ten years working on this screenplay, perfecting it, extending it, cutting it, and finally finding the […]


Dutch Blogger Promotes Our Kickstarter

JEFFREY TORK supported Judas Kiss back when we were raising money for our first feature film via Kickstarter almost three years ago. He promoted the film on Facebook and Twitter and his other social networks. We were happy to see he wrote a pretty extensive blog post about our new Kickstarter campaign, and the two films […]


Our Kickstarter Project Ranked No. 1 on Kicktraq’s Hot List

The website Kicktraq, which Wired magazine calls “the Google Analytics of Kickstarter,” named our Kickstarter campaign No. 3 No. 1 on its Hot List for Narrative Films today! UPDATE: At 7:52 p.m. PST on Sunday, we made No. 1 on the Hot List! In addition to providing cool infographics about every Kickstarter project out there, Kicktraq […]


Auditions for ‘The Dark Place’

In this “Weekend Update” on our Kickstarter site, The Dark Place director J.T. Tepnapa and writer Jody Wheeler prepare for auditions in Los Angeles for two major roles in the film. See what the physical setup for movie auditions looks like and get a look at J.T.’s “offbeat” sense of humor.