‘Fantastic Actors, Clever Story & a Superpower’ – Horror Society

EVEN THOUGH he may not have been the film’s target demographic, Horror Society reviewer Mike Mgdsquan found himself drawn in by its “deep, ever-evolving mystery,” adding that with The Dark Place‘s “fantastic actors, great sets, a clever and sassy script, and an awesome never-before-seen super-power … you can’t go wrong here.” While he admits the movie isn’t strictly the kind […]


‘An Intelligent Thriller’ — TV Coverage of ‘The Dark Place’

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — Local television station KMIR interviewed The Dark Place director Jody Wheeler as part of its coverage of the Cinema Diverse Film Festival this weekend. NBC affiliate KMIR described The Dark Place as “an intelligent thriller with great gay characters,” while affording Jody an opportunity to discuss the film’s place in the festival. Related Articles […]


‘Suspenseful, powerful, satisfying’ —

IN HIS preview of films screening at this week’s Palm Springs’ Cinema Diverse Film Festival, arts critic Kevin M. Thomas called The Dark Place “a thriller I will be proud to add to my collection.” The Dark Place is one of 15 films from the festival that Thomas spotlights in his article, “Great Films Make Palm […]


“Mysterious, suspenseful and darkly humorous” — Pop Culture Beast

POP CULTURE BEAST reviewer Adam Ruhl raved about The Dark Place after its “smash screening” at Austin’s Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival (aGLIFF) on Friday, September 12. Read the full review at Pop Culture Beast » “The Dark Place is a great blend of mystery elements and Scream-like twists,” Ruhl wrote on the pop culture […]


Viewers’ Reactions

THE FIRST viewers of The Dark Place last Friday night weighed in with their reactions. We invited backers of our Kickstarter campaign to a special, one-night-only online screening of the film, and asked them to let us know what they thought. Here’s a sample of what they said: “Couldn’t stop watching it. Love it a lot!” […]