$14,000 Happy Dance (Less Talking! More Dancing!)

J.T. versus the Mighty L.A. River! THREE VIDEOS in one day! All that Happy Dance™ing must be tuckering out poor li’l J.T. Or at least his voice. Hence this latest quiet but energetic dance and, umm, stuff… THANK YOU! And keep pledging. $11,000 more to go! WATCH THE VIDEO »


We Reach $13,000, Starfleet Style!

STAR TREK FANS who know about our work on the web series Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, will be delighted to see who is doing the Happy Dance™ to celebrate passing our $13,ooo mark on Kickstarter — Starfleet Style! WATCH THE VIDEO »


‘Private Dancer’ to Celebrate Getting Halfway to Kickstarter Goal

PRIVATE DANCER J.T. is dividing his time between shot-listingThe Dark Place with cinematographer David Berry and shooting more Happy Dances™! So, in celebrating passing our 50% mark ($12,500!!), I have the honor of posting this special performance by J.T. Those of you who loved him in his short film, Drag Queen Heist, will welcome his take on “Private […]


A $12,000 Happy Dance!

WE ZOOMED past the $12,000 mark this morning — nearly halfway to our goal on Kickstarter. That, of course, means another Happy Dance™ from director J.T. Tepnapa, this time at a Los Angeles cinematic landmark. That makes J.T. a rebel with a cause — our Kickstarter campaign! WATCH THE VIDEO »


Reached $11,000 Mark

We’ve reached and raced past our $11,000 mark! Watch the latest Happy Dance™ WATCH THE VIDEO »


40% Goal Reached!

OUR KICKSTARTER campaign has reached 40 percent of its $25,000 goal, with 20 days left to raise the remaining $15,000. Many thanks to our 91 backers! Of course, by passing the $10,000 mark, we all get to be treated to another Happy Dance™ from The Dark Place director J.T. Tepnapa, this time joined by backup […]