J.T.’s $9,000 Happy Dance: Puppet Edition

IT’S HERE! We’re at $9,186, with 84 backers, and here is J.T.’s newest Happy Dance™. It’s, um, got to be seen to be believed.


J.T.’s $7,000 Happy Dance!

WATCH THE VIDEO of director J.T. Tepnapa doing his Happy Dance! DIRECTOR J.T. TEPNAPA promised to do a Happy Dance™ each time we cross another thousand-dollar mark on our quest to raise $25,000 on Kickstarter to make The Dark Place and Something Like Summer this year. But first 25 people had to vote on Facebook to get […]


Auditions for ‘The Dark Place’

In this “Weekend Update” on our Kickstarter site, The Dark Place director J.T. Tepnapa and writer Jody Wheeler prepare for auditions in Los Angeles for two major roles in the film. See what the physical setup for movie auditions looks like and get a look at J.T.’s “offbeat” sense of humor.