Actor Allison Lane


Allison Lane (Sheriff Timmer) is an award-winning actress, from the Chicago suburbs who recently moved from New York City to Los Angeles.

Her recent turn in Going Down in La-La Land won her the United Kingdom’s Iris Prize for Best Actress. Frontiers LA called her performance “funny and touching,” while EDGE Magazine declared her  “the star who steals every scene.” After screening at festivals worldwide, the film opened theatrically in New York and at Los Angeles’ famed Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

Allison also won Best Actress Award at the International Television Festival in Los Angeles for her pilot WTFU, which she wrote, directed and produced. Her performance was “beyond hilarious” (Daily Film Forum), while Rogue Cinema’s reviewer said she “turned me into an instant super fan.” She also won Best Actress at the Long Island International Film Expo for the the video Guys. Allison’s appears soon in the mockumentary Postcard From the Palace, and the comedy the Homewrecker, which she also wrote.

Allison holds a B.F.A degree in Musical Theatre from the University of Michigan.


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