Welcome to ‘The Dark Place’

US Release Dec. 2!

Following a successful film festival run, Breaking Glass Pictures acquired U.S. distribution rights to The Dark Place, with release slated December 2 on DVD, iTunes and other platforms. You can pre-order now from TLA Video »

IN GERMANY, you can pre-order now from Pro-Fun Media for Oct. 31 release.

Meet the Cast

An exciting young actor, Blaise Embry, brings our  troubled but gifted protagonist, Keegan Dark, to life in The Dark Place.

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THE DARK PLACE is a quick-paced and suspenseful new film, with a dash of humor, now screening at film festivals, from the creators of the critically acclaimed film festival favorite, Judas Kiss.

Blue Seraph Productions proudly presents The Dark Place, which depicts a flawed hero with an incredible gift, a witty and sexy sidekick, and a deadly mystery that will sneak up, grab a hold of and propel viewers to the edge of their seats.

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