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Keegan Dark, 26 |  (Blaise Embry) He can’t forget the life he’s lived. Literally. Keegan posseses a unique memory that allows him to see, hear and feel every moment from his life, instantly and totally. While he laughs off the advantages it provides him, the humor hides the burden of continuously reliving in excruciating detail every pain he ever received or caused. And there have been many. Far too many.

Adrian Bishop, 45 | (Andy Copeland) A strapping doctor with a bright smile and a caring personality. Too caring. Having swept Keegan’s mother off her feet and helping her get her life back in focus, beneath the surface far more sinister motives swirl about, unnoticed by everyone — except Keegan.

Celeste Dark, 55 | (Shannon Day) Sharp and certain, a woman who has grown tremendously over the past decade. She’s gone from a series of tragedies to an apparently perfect life. Yet one unresolved issue — her relationship with Keegan — threatens to up-end the rosy and rewarding home she’s recently crafted for herself.

Sheriff Caroline Timmer, 36 | (Allison Lane) A witty and intelligent cop in a small, lazy town. She runs her small department with a humor and understanding — and the occasional right hook to remind people she’s not to be triffled with. She trusts her instincts completely, and they tell her Keegan is nothing but bad news. They haven’t failed her before; why should she doubt them now?

Wil Roelen, 25 |  (Timo Descamps) Tall and blond, he is a good-natured Belgian with a penchant for fixing things — and people. One of those fix-it jobs is Keegan, as Wil recognizes the strengths Keegan refuses to see in himself. An anchor to Keegan’s pain, he wonders how long he can continue to do for Keegan what Keegan won’t do for himself.

Jake Bishop, 23 | (Sean Paul Lockhart) As beautiful as a Greek statue. As deadly as a Roman phalanx. For all Jake’s charms, he has the eyes of a wolf and the grin of a hunter. He’s the worst kind of danger, the one you can’t see until he’s already on top of you.

Ernie Reyes, 25 | (Eduardo Rioseco) Intelligent and indispensable to the running of the Dark Vineyards and estate. He shares an intimate past with Keegan, one that soured over a series of youthful indiscretions. Yet emotion still dances between them, fueled by a passion deep in Ernie’s soul, one far different from what even Keegan can imagine.

Wendy Luckenbill, 23 | (Genevieve Buechner) The local tavern’s prettiest waitress hides not-so-pretty secrets, and may hold either the best hope to Keegan’s salvation, or the key to his downfall.


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